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Trail Connection

Connecting Ship Creek Trail and the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail in Downtown Anchorage

Thanks for joining us on Aug. 10th for Open House #1

If you missed the meeting, review the project documents here and send us your comments.

Project No. CFHWY00586

Project Scope

The AMATS Downtown Trail Connection Project will connect the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail and the Ship Creek Trail in Downtown Anchorage to form a 14-mile continuous non-motorized, multi-use corridor. This over one-mile connection will complete the most high-profile missing link identified in the Anchorage Areawide Trails Plan (1997) and is supported by the MOA Non-Motorized Plan.


The Project will provide ADA compliant non-motorized access to the small boat launch and maximize utility and safety. The Downtown Trail Connection Project will go through the Municipality of Anchorage's trail review process with community involvement, Parks and Recreation Commission and approval by the Urban Design Commission.

Click here for a PDF of the Project Area Map.


Project Documents

The documents above were presented at the first public open house, focusing on project scoping, on August 10, 2022.  As the project continues to develop, additional documents and resources will be posted here - stay tuned.



Thank you for joining us on August 10th at the Performing Arts Center!
Materials presented are available for review above.

August 2022

March 2023

May 2023

July 2023

Spring 2024

Open House 1: Public Scoping

Open House 2: Preferred Alternative

Parks & Recreation Commission Review

Urban Design Commission Trail Review at 65% Design

Construction anticipated to begin dependent on funding availability

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